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Scott Park – Scott Park Group Pty Ltd

Peer mentoring a vehicle of support during tough times

‘I have gained a lot of value from membership, particularly in relation to processing issues and gaining new strategies to resolve them. I have also benefitted from the external resources and speakers in their respective field.’

Many senior executives are held accountable for their company’s results, are relied upon to provide leadership, and are charged with navigating business priorities. When senior management needs perspective and guidance, where do they go to learn and develop?

The KEY Executive Program offers peer support to senior executives helping them elevate their leadership, address real concerns and solve problems in real-time. Members gain new perspectives on communication, problem-solving and effective leadership so they can help to influence the direction of their organisation.

Gain new perspectives and trusted assurances

‘I look forward to continually evolving more people through Vistage. It’s an interesting dynamic to introduce a Chief Financial Officer to Vistage. It’s really rewarding to see them get involved and come back into the workspace with a fresh set of ideas, knowing they’re gaining the value of Vistage.’

Having personally experienced the benefit membership had on his professional development, Scott Park, Managing Director at Scott Park Group Pty Ltd, selected Isabel De Jesus to join so she could gain new perspectives and trusted assurances from a circle of like-minded high-performing executives.

The KEY Executive Program has become an integral part of how Scott evolves new talent within his business.

As a passionate advocate for the development of his team, Scott credits Vistage with instilling tools and techniques that help develop his senior managers’ skills over and above what they achieve working in the organisation.

‘I wanted to encourage my executive team and help them grow from entry-level general managers to more senior managers. I knew the powerful influence Vistage could have in shaping management style and the support and growth you gain from peer mentoring,’ says Scott.

He believes Vistage has been instrumental in improving communication within his executive team.

A great investment in leadership development

‘The peer mentoring group offers a safe space for executives to share issues and discuss problem solving strategies. Having influence from other executives and being able to actively listen and take on board the opinions of others without the fear of judgment is really powerful.’

The KEY Executive Program has provided more structure within his team and enhanced how his leadership team conduct themselves. Importantly, they have learned how to implement those skills into the everyday workspace.

‘Sometimes when a team member puts forward an idea that’s a little bit of left field or not necessarily within their character, I wonder how much of that has been processed through Vistage. Whether my leaders are conducting meetings, processing issues or creating a safe space for each other, I am really pleased when I see my team utilising the skills they have picked up from their peer mentoring sessions,’ says Scott.

‘Being a part of Vistage is great exposure for my team and is healthy for the organisation as a whole as we all gain valuable new insights from our networks,’ says Scott.

Scott considers Vistage as a great investment for him personally but also his wider team.

‘We invest in our sales, training and corporate training for all of our staff members. The investment to be part of Vistage is a drop in the ocean compared to the true value we get out of it,’ concludes Scott.

About Scott Park

Scott Park entered the building game as a carpenter aged 17. Before he was 30, Scott built his first home and founded his first building company. From day one, Scott’s vision was all about delivering superior customer service and building outstanding homes.

Now over 25 years on, Scott Park Group is one of Western Australia’s largest, awarded, residential home building and finance groups. Scott’s customer centric approach is the driving force behind all of his brands.

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