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‘My success in business and the investment I made in myself through Vistage over the last 25 years are deeply intertwined. When thought leaders in the form of best-in-class speakers and business peers work together along with insight unlocked through coaching, there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished.’

In a career spanning 40 years, Scott Loose has 30 years of CEO and Executive Leadership in a diverse range of roles and industries. Scott’s leadership roles have been in the public and private sector in both large and small organisations, including government, public companies, SME’s and a decade as owner and Managing Director of a leading Australian Software business, which was successfully sold into global private equity. Much of his career has involved a high level of global engagement and he has been highly successful in communicating and implementing competitive strategy in organisations.

In chairing a Vistage Peer Advisory Group, Scott brings his experience to life for others. As an avid sailor, he understands how in todays ‘Business Ocean’, the climate can often be brutal. In an environment shaped by global forces, where mastering the elements to achieve can often present significant challenges, the course to reach your objective is inevitably not a straight line. Add the dimension of competition and the challenge becomes increasingly complex. Predicting the elements which shape the environment whilst you direct and empower the performance and efficiency of resources is the domain of the contemporary CEO.

Highlights include:

  • 10 years owning and leading a highly successful Australian Software business through its development and ultimate sale into international private equity, having grown enterprise value by a 6 times multiple.
  • 25 years engaged in the Australian Manufacturing Industry, internationally engaged, trading and competing successfully in the environment of global supply chains.
  • 10 years leading a nationally recognised consulting business, working closely with Australia’s leading and emerging exporters.
  • 10 years as an international thought leader in applied research and development. This included being recognised and awarded for international leadership within the ‘Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Program”, working with multinational global companies including Daimler Chrysler, Bombardier, United Technologies and Hyundai.
  • Substantial experience working with private and public company Boards and government advisory committees, including Ministerial Advisory Committees and representation of Australia in Innovation and Technology for small business within APEC.
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