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‘During my years as a CEO, I faced recessions, fires, disasters, and government regulation changes. History repeats itself and the gift of these difficult situations is I’m equipped to guide and support my Vistage members through similar situations by providing a calm and reassuring mentorship through challenging times.’

The CEOs and leaders Harvey Martin works with share some common traits. They’re keen to grow themselves and their businesses significantly, aren’t satisfied with merely accepting the status quo and are stimulated by an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Harvey helps leaders that tick those boxes understand what’s next for their organisation and how to grow and evolve it into its next phase to stay at the leading edge of their industries.

He ensures his groups gain access to a rich source of new ideas, lateral thinking and years of collective experience that inspires them to strengthen their talents and become solution-focused leaders who can create their own vision of excellence, strategy and meaningful business and personal goals.

Harvey’s 20 years of experience ranges across several industries and all organisational structures from large corporations to start-ups. Throughout his career he’s made significant strategic moves, managing multiple international business alliance ventures and consulting to some of the most influential companies in the agricultural, manufacturing, IT and service industries. Some of his career highlights include:

  • Successful entrepreneur, CEO and founder of two fast-growth companies
  • Leader of seven private advisory boards for chief executives and business owners
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